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Tarot Meanings


0 Fool- innocent endeavors, pure heart, good intentions, naivete
1 Magician- beginning of a new situation
2 High Priestess- Wait involving a certain situation, intelligence, insight
3 Empress- Passive rather then active; being rather than acting patience
4 Emperor- stability, materialization
5 Hierophant- societal restrictions or boundaries, conformity
6 Lovers- question regarding love, possible choice
7 Chariot- introspection, reaching goal, indecision
8 Strength- courage, endurance
9 Hermit- isolation, meditation, soul-searching
10 Wheel of Fortune- fate, change of luck, Change of Plans
11 Justice- truth, fair and equitable outcome
12 Hanged Man- indecision, wait
13 Death- end of situation allowing for a new one, rebirth
14 Temperance- balance, equality
15 Devil- entrapment, connected to something unhealthy
16 Tower- struggle, argument, tragedy, difficult situation
17 Moon- caution, fear of dishonesty, deception
18 Star- hope
19 Sun- happiness or hope to achieve joy
20 Judgement- decision will be made, final culmination of a situation
21 World- completion, reaching the zenith


Court Cards

King of Wands- Level headed, intellectual, friendly individual, good father
Queen of Wands- Intellectual woman who may have psychic gifts
Knight of Wands- Person moving to or from an idea
Page of Wands- May involve a messenger or courier, discussions
King of Cups- Kind, loving, too emotional, spineless
Queen of Cups- Emotional woman, irrational, warm-hearted
Knight of Cups- Person who actively moves toward an emotional situation
Page of Cups- Individual who sends messages about love or friendship
King of Swords- Strong leader, man saving the day with no display of emotion
Queen of Swords- Harsh, wise woman who has suffered a great deal, a survivor
Knight of Swords- Person symbolizing quick change, action, movement
Page of Swords- Active person communicating a message, one who seeks
King of Pentacles- A powerful, wealthy man
Queen of Pentacles- A wealthy, vain woman
Knight of Pentacles- A change in with a great deal of stability
Page of Pentatcles- A young person working toward a craft, material progress, a message about an object

Ace- Beginning of a situation, relationship, friendship, partnership, love wedding
Two- Friendship, pure love, innocent associations, beginning stages of romance already in motion
Three- Many loves on you mind, socializing, female bonding, maternalissues Four- Unwanted love, wrong kind of love, a romantic situaiton you cannot see, feeling sorry for oneself
Five- Difficult romantic situation that may be salvagable, argument that is worked out with some "hard" feelings, challenges in love
Six- Nostalgia, remembering good times, old flame, memory of love and family in childhood
Seven- Not thinking cleary about love, must make a decision about love, look beneath the surface
Eight- Leaving an emotional situation behind and being comfortable about it, moving on romatically
Nine- Pleasure, socializing with food and drink, good times, too much fun, overindulgence, parties with loved ones
Ten- Family, love, happiness, exciting relationship


Ace- To begin a new thought or idea, to brainstorm
Two- Start a venture in your mind, mental process alreay in motion, wait
Three- Reach a mental goal, still more ideas to come through patience
Four- Celebration after reaching some stability in an idea, can also mean a mental block after a lot of work
Five- Mental turmoil, inner struggles or conflicts
Six- Small victory, return of self-esteem
Seven- Introspection, warding off emotions, fighting off problems
Eight- quick moving ideas or associations moving too fast
Nine- Emotional stress, standing firm about your opinions, you could possibly miss out because you are too focused on your problem
Ten- Emotional burdens reaching a peak. Overwhelming ideas on your shoulders


Ace- Beginning to take action or move on an idea or project
Two- Too much to do, overworked, could have a negative effect
Three- Bad memories of a relationship that affects your present situation, the possibility of getting hurt by your own doing
Four- The need for rest, taking a physical break
Five- Physical struggle, overcoming an enemy, possible unfair win
Six- Journey away to deal with a problem, actively leaving a bad situation
Seven- Getting away with something, dishonesy, stealing, theft
Eight- Entrapment, isolation from people and situations
Nine- Worrying to the point of illness, overreaction, insomnia, too much stress
Ten- Devastation, bad situation, room for healing to begin


Ace- The beginning of a material or substantial business endeavor, or stable financial plan
Two- Overwhelming material project or situation that is too much to handle, your hands are full
Three- Partnership in business or financial merger
Four- Financial stability and security
Five- Getting through a time together
Six- Charity, helping the poor
Seven- Pondering over a project, a setback
Eight- Hard work, moving toward a goal
Nine- Abundance of material belongings
Ten-Good stable home, financial security

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